NDM Press Releases

British Veterans National Defence Medal (NDM) Campaign

Reference Documentation

Cabinet Office Complaint - Medal Review Handling

Redacted Complaint - The initial document cataloging the many erroneous events Feb 2017

Complaint Investigation Document - Carried out by un-named civil servant dated 23 May 2017

Sir J Stephens KCB Reply - Cover letter for the investigation July 2017 

NDM Response to Investigation - Expression of disappointment by NDM Chairman July 2017

ACSM & Wound Medal Campaign Response - Further expression of frustration July 2017

Sir J Stephens KCB - Complaint - Military Medal Review Evaluation by Parliamentary Ombudsman Jan 2018

To Prime Minister  - Complaint - Military Medal Review Evaluation by Parliamentary Ombudsman Jan 2018

Freedom of Information

Dec 17 Letter - 2nd Letter to PM in response to the Cabinet Office & MoD 17/12/2016

Cabinet Office & MoD - Replies to 11/11/2016 PM Letter

No 10 Reply - Downing Street response; forward to Cabinet Office 21/11/2016

Nov 11 Letter - Letter to PM 11/11/2016

Minutes - 2nd Meeting Advisory Military Sub-committee to HDC

FOI Appeal Decision - Against IC & MoD to release Minutes above

Minutes2 - Not available - Pending FOI

Ministry of Defence

Joint Service Publication (JSP 761) - The authoritative guide for Honours and Awards in the Armed Services

MoD Response - Standard Reply

Loose Minutes, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 - Official MoD review of the NDM Case  (NEW)

Medal Booklet - British Armed Forces Medals


A Matter of Honour - Reforming The Honours System, Public Administration Select Committee, 5th Report

Bill to provide for parliamentary scrutiny - of the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals

Retrospective Medal Campaigns - A Parliament briefing document, lacks depth and accuracy

Public Servants & Honours - Extract from the Wilson Report

Operation of the honours system - Public Administration Select Committee, minutes of evidence

EDM327 Response Pt1 & Pt2 - Veterans Minister tries to justify the Government position

Medal Campaigns - House Of Commons Library SN/IA/2880 March 2011

HD Committee Letter to the Campaign - Post Holmes Review (2015)

Tilbrook Letter to Col T Scriven - Pass reservations to HD Committee

NDM Campaign

Submission for the UK National Defence Medal - NDM Campaign Submission May 2012

Veterans Recognition Report - NDM Campaign Report

Veterans Recognition Report 1.2 - NDM Campaign Report

Veterans Recognition Report v1.4 - NDM Campaign Report April 2010

Veterans Recognition Report v1.6 - NDM Campaign Report March 2011

Veterans Recognition Report Summary - NDM Campaign Report, 3 page report summary

House of Commons Debates 21 May 2008, Column 322 -  Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals

Arctic Convoy Emblem Plan – BBC News

SAMA History - South Atlantic Medal Association (1982)

Medals Will Be Worn - Book written by Lt. Colonel Ashley Tinson (Retd.)

HMAFVB - Questions and answers complied under the Freedom of Information Act

Cold War Webpage - Background information for use in Veterans Recognition Report

General Service Webpage - Background information for use in Veterans Recognition Report

Cyprus Veterans Webpage - Background information for use in Veterans Recognition Report

NDM News Articles - Some older items, but still relevant

NDM Summary - High level overview of the case, useful for briefing notes

Cold War Case - The case submitted to Sir John Holmes as part of the review process (2012)

Conservative Party

Restoring The Covenant - The military covenant commissions report to the leader of the Conservative Party

2010 Manifesto - Armed forces

Coalition Programme for Government - Conservative & Liberal Democrat agreement

Australian Military

S48-06 ADM - Australian Defence Medal Regulations 2006

Implementation of the (Australian) Korean Post-Armistice Service - Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Review October 2008

Australian General Service Medal, Korean Post-Armistice Service Approved - Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support April 2009

Australian GSM, Korean Post-Armistice Royal Approval - Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support February 2010

Report of the Post-Armistice Korean Service Review Australian Government Department of Defence Report December 2005

Review of Service Entitlement Anomalies in Respect of South-East Asian Service 1955–75 - Mohr Review

Return From Active Service Badge - Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Post Armistice South Korea

Eligibility Criteria For ASM Clasps Australian service Medal - Australian Government Department of Defence


Canadian Military

Canadian Military Medals & Decorations - Veterans Affairs Canada

Directorate of Honours and Recognition – Canadian Military Secretariat

New Zealand Military

New Zealand Campaign Medals - New Zealand Defence Force

USA Military

National Defense Service Medal - For United States military who served honorably during a designated time period

Norway Military

National Defence Service Medal - Awarded upon completion of mandatory military service

German Military

Bundeswher Medal of Honour - An individual may become eligible after completing a minimum of seven months of service and being nominated for exemplary service within that period. But the award evolves in stages to recognise up to 20 years service.

French Military

Medal of National Defence - Rewards honourable military service

Waterloo Petition - download sheet